Big News! We are adding Retail to Zuzu's Petals!

That's right! You read that right! We are expanding and we now sell the beautiful vase you had at your wedding. Remember that wonderful scent when we had our consult, well, you can now buy it! Worried that we can't do that baby shower, well fear no more flower friends!

It took a lot for me to decide to add this on. One because we just love, love, love, love... did I say LOVE our events. And don't worry, we can still take care of our existing clients as well as the future couples! When we launched our #spreadjoynotgerms promotion, which also worked with our Mother's Day sales... I really had a moment of clarity. We need to be able to be in constant contact with our neighborhood and clients. We love when people stop by and panic with a gift need. And somehow we always seem to have the right item at hand. 

So with some planning, shopping, planning, and more shopping... I felt like this would be the next best step for ZP. We keep expanding our wings, and now we can't wait to help you reach your dream floral goals, and now gifting goals! Gifting ourselves counts!