Flowering Begonia

Flowering Begonia

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Deets: Though it is not a true begonia, the strawberry begonia has leaves that resemble the begonia’s and like the strawberry, reproduces itself by putting out runners that grow baby plants at their ends. The strawberry begonia has hairy, 4 inch wide leaves that are dark green and silver-veined on top and red beneath. Its most charming feature, though, are the long runners with plantlets dangling from the plant, making it perfect for hanging baskets. 

Name(s): Strawberry begonia / Saxifraga stolonifera, creeping saxifrage, strawberry saxifrage, creeping rockfoil

Light: Strawberry begonia prefers bright, but not direct sunlight. An east- or even west-facing window is perfect. Be careful of letting them get too hot; they dislike heat.

Water:  Begonias do not like wet feet and will easily drop leaves if they are over watered.. As with other hairy-leaved plants, avoid getting water on their leaves to reduce the risk of fungal disorders. During winter, reduce watering but don't let it dry out completely. Don't be alarmed if growth dramatically slows down or stops during the winter.

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Size: 4" pot

Pet Friendly: Yes

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