"Pinstripe" / Calathea Sanderiana

"Pinstripe" / Calathea Sanderiana

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Deets:  Calathea Ornata leaves are a very dark shade of glossy green, and feature the feather-like pinstriping for which the plant is named. The pinstriping on these plants is usually light to bright pink. The underside of Calathea Ornata’s leaves is a deep maroon.

Name(s): Calathea Sanderiana is a member of the Marantaceae, or Maranta family, and is more commonly known as the “Pinstripe Plant"; Calathea Ornata; Calathea Sanderiana

Light: Calathea’s thrive in medium to bright indirect light. As with all types of Calathea, avoid lighting extremes, such as direct sun and dark corners. Direct sunlight can burn these plants, causing Calathea’s vibrant color to fade. Calathea’s in the wild are found growing on the floors of tropical rainforests. This environment can be mimicked in the home by placing the plant in a shaded area, or a spot which receives medium to bright indirect light.

Water: Loves to be kept evenly moist. These plants do not like their soil to dry out, and like most all plants, can experience root rot if their soil remains too wet or soggy. Calathea Ornata should be watered once the top most layer of soil becomes dry. Amending a standard well-draining potting soil with peat moss or coco coir will help to keep your plants roots evenly moist, while the addition of perlite will ensure that proper drainage and root aeration is provided.

Temperature and Humidity:  Room temperatures between 65 degrees F and 75 degrees F. Temperatures shouldn’t drop below 60 degrees as this could damage the foliage. Cold, drafty areas should be avoided. Calathea's prefer moderate to high humidity levels. If your home is on the drier side, misting your Calathea a few times a week will provide humidity. Calathea’s tend to be happier and healthier in areas with higher humidity, so if you have a bathroom or kitchen with bright to medium indirect light, this may be the perfect spot for your Calathea.

Grower: Beginners, Advanced, Expert; all types.

Pet Friendly: Yes

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