Red Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant, Net Plant / Fittonia

Red Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant, Net Plant / Fittonia

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Deets: This beauty has many names, but it is the cutest plant ever. Some call it a "drama queen" because when she is neglected, she will wilt and express her need for some attention.  Originally from Peru, and they come in red, white or pink veins. Technically in the wild they are a ground cover, but indoors we've enjoyed these beauties as striking houseplants.

Name(s): Fittonia // Common names: Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant, Net Plant 

Light: Indirect light is best, so a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight simply means the sunlight is filtered in some way. Whether through a shear curtain or just being pulled further away from where direct sunlight can be found. 

Water: Weekly is suggested. Just check the soil before watering. This one doesn't like to be too dry, or soggy. A "barely moist" situation is her favorite atmosphere.

Grower: Beginners, Advanced, Expert; all types.

Pets: Non-toxic to cats and dogs 

Size: 4" nursery pot.