Angel Vine /Muehlenbeckia Complexa

Angel Vine /Muehlenbeckia Complexa

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Deets: Angel Vine is a sprawling shrub with long, wiry stems, densely covered by small, round leaves. Its growing habits make it a versatile plant indoors. To show off its thickly leafed vines, put this trailing vine in a hanging basket.

Better yet, you can train its climbing, wiry stems around a trellis or topiary. Tie it loosely to a support with florist's wire and Angel Vine will take on any shape you want.

Name(s):  Angel Vine /Muehlenbeckia Complexa

Light: Partial sun to full, direct sunlight. If your plant has few leaves, it needs brighter light. If you don't have a sunny window, move the plant to a porch or patio for the summer; just be sure to bring it back indoors when the temperature drops in autumn.

Water:  Water thoroughly when potting mix is dry 1 inch down. Water less in winter, allowing the top 1/3 of the potting medium to dry out before watering again. Soggy soil will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Grower: Beginners, Advanced and Experts; all types.

Pet Friendly: No. Toxic to cats and dogs. 

**Vessel/planter not included. Select vessels here.