"Birds Nest" Snake Plant / Sansevieria 4"

"Birds Nest" Snake Plant / Sansevieria 4"

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Deets: Great for beginners and those that are just starting out in the houseplant world! 

Name(s): Sansevieria; Snake plant for how it resembles a snake. Or also know as "mother in laws tongue". 

Light: Plants grow in any light level, from low to high. They grow more quickly in brighter light, but strong direct sunlight burns leaves, especially when plants are outdoors. An ideal spot is about 10 feet away from a west or south window

Water: They should be allowed to dry out between watering. Water these plants when the soil is dry. In summer this can be weekly or every other week, in winter water monthly or less often. As succulents, Sansevieria can survive drought, but they must have soil and pots that drain well.

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Size: 4" nursery pot.

Pet Friendly: No, these plants are toxic to pets.

**Your plant should match your home decor! Select from our vessel collection here

Fun Facts: 

  • A multitasker, the snake plant purifies indoor air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.
  • The Snake Plant can bring very helpful feng shui energy when needed in specific areas of a home or office; this plant has strong protective energies. Spiky plants like snake plants are excellent for shielding you against negative Chi, but their aggressive energy means you need to place them where they’re not in highly-trafficked areas of your home. The snake plant is a perfect expression of upward, growing ch’i. The strong wood energy cuts through negative or stagnant energy. The best position to place the plants in your office or home is a place that is enriched by the plant's Wood element. SoutheasternSouthern, and Eastern corners are the best feng shui spots to place your plants.