Calathea 'White Fusion' / Calathea majestica

Calathea 'White Fusion' / Calathea majestica

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Deets: Calathea white star will stand out in any home with its oblong shaped leaves and paint-like white and pink stripes. It is a member of the Marantaceae or “Prayer Plant” family and you may notice that the leaves will close at night and open in the morning. 

Name(s): Calathea 'White Star’, Calathea majestica, Goeppertia 'Whitestar, Prayer Plant 'White Star', Peacock Plant 'White Star', Zebra Plant 'White Star'

Light: Tolerates low light but grows best in bright, indirect light

Water: Water when the top ¼ of soil is dry.

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Size(s): 4” nursery pot.

Pet Friendly: Yes

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