'Bird's Nest' Fern / Asplenium Nidus

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Deets: This fern is known for its bright green, wavy edged leaves that fan out from a central point, resembling the shape of a birds nest. The most hardy fern around town! Super easy to grow, considering that it's a fern! Tolerates lower light and less frequent watering. A weekly mist will help with humidity and keep the leaves dust free! It is an epiphytic plant, which means that it grows off trees and at the bottom of the forest canopy, so that helps with understanding how flexible this fern is. 

Name(s): Asplenium Nidus, Bird's Nest Fern, 

Light: Indirect light is best, so a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight.  Can tolerate bright fluorescent lighting as well.

Water: Weekly. And this one loves a good mist! Do not let this one dry out completely. Just about an inch or two from the top should be dry. Overwatering will cause root rot.

Grower: Beginners, Advanced, Expert; all types.

Pet Friendly: Yes

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