'Lady Palm' / Rhapis Excelsa

'Lady Palm' / Rhapis Excelsa

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Deets:  Reminiscent of bamboos, Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palm) is a small evergreen palm with upright, slender, bamboo-like canes bearing delicate, glossy, dark green, fan shaped leaves. Slow growing and ridiculously easy to grow.  Native from China to Vietnam.

Name(s): 'Lady Palm', Bamboo Palm / Rhapis Excelsa

Light: Bright, indirect light such as near a south or north-facing window. Make sure that it receives bright light daily but that rays of sunlight do not hit its leaves. This plant tends to grow in the direction that is receiving light.

Water: The humidity in the room, the time of the year, and the amount of AC/Heating, among other factors will all affect watering needs. Start by watering once a week by slowly pouring water all around the center of the plant so that it filters down the base. Watering will not be effective if water runs down the outside of the root ball, leaving the central roots dry. This can happen if you water too quickly or apply too much water at once. Slower watering is usually more effective. 

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Size(s): 10" nursery pot.

Pet Friendly: Yes

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