Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia Japonica

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Deets:Fatsia japonica, like the species name suggests, is native to Japan and also Korea. It is an evergreen shrub and is a pretty tough and forgiving plant in outdoor gardens, but it is also possible to grow fatsia indoors. Your potted fatsia inside may not get flowers, but you will still be able to enjoy the exotic foliage given proper indoor culture.

Names: The common names Japanese aralia plant and Japanese fatsia refer to the same broadleaf evergreen, known botanically as Aralia japonica or Fatsia japonica

Light: In nature, these plants grow in shaded to partially shaded areas. It is important that you don’t give your fatsia too much direct sun. In most locations indoors, an eastern exposure window would work very well for these plants. This is not a plant to place in the sunniest window that you have; otherwise, the foliage will burn. 

Water: Be sure to provide this plant with good moisture levels. Never let this plant completely dry out. At the same time, you don’t want this plant to sit in water either. You may want to reduce watering a bit in the winter as growth slows down or comes to a halt.

Grower: Novice

Pet Friendly: They're also totally non-toxic and super easy to care for — ideal for novice plant parents. Tougher than an old boot, the Fatsia japonica can withstand practically anything. ... She's the perfect plant to keep around pets and young ones


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