Flowering Jasmine

Flowering Jasmine

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Light requirements vary by species, but most do well in full sun to part shade. White jasmine (J. polyanthum) prefers bright light and can even handle some direct sunlight. When grown indoors, it will want the brightest location you can find.


For indoor plants, any standard peat-based or coir-based potting mix with added drainage material will do a good job. When planted outdoors, vining jasmines require loose, humusy soil that is very well-drained.


The soil or potting mix should be kept lightly moist but not saturated. The plant can be allowed to dry out slightly in the late fall and winter. With indoor plants, make sure the pot has good drainage.

Pruning Vining Jasmine

Outdoors, a vining jasmine plant can usually be left to its own to climb where it wants, but as an indoor plant, it will need to be pruned regularly to keep it under control. Prune them somewhat aggressively at the beginning of the growing season to control rampant growth and provide some growing support. These are commonly grown with an arch or trellis for growth support. Be careful not to let your jasmine run you—if you keep it pruned, it will be healthier and easier to manage.