Pilea Involucrata 'Pan Am' / Pilea Cadierei,

Pilea Involucrata 'Pan Am' / Pilea Cadierei,

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Deets: Named the Friendship Plant for how easy they are to propagate and how incredibly well they root from cuttings, this Pilea is a bushy, trailing plant that loves high humidity and soaking up dappled light from underneath others in a closed terrarium space.

Name(s): Pilea Involucrata; Friendship Plant; Panamiga; Pan Am

Light: The Friendship Plant loves its fair share of moderate to bright indirect light. 

In its native habitat this plant grows on the forest floor, living its best life in the shade. So, do your best to limit the amount of direct light this plant receives by either placing it farther away from your light source or by planting something taller above it in your terrarium.

Water: Just like the rest of its family, the Friendship Plant is a fan of moisture.

These plants prefer moderate, even moisture and to dry out just slightly between waterings. They especially love being propagated in water and can create a huge network of roots when left in water throughout the growing season.

Newly rooted plant babies are wonderful as gifts, but if you have a friend doesn’t want a Friendship Plant as a gift, know that they are no friend at all. You can’t trust someone who doesn’t want more plants…

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Pet Friendly: Yes

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