'Moses in the Cradle' / Tradescantia Spathacea

'Moses in the Cradle' / Tradescantia Spathacea

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Deets: A Moses in the Cradle plant (Tradescantia spathacea) has many alternative names such as Moses-in-a-Boat, Boat Lily, Cradle Lily, Moses-in-the-Bullrushes, and Oyster plant. Whatever you want to call them, these colorful plants, native to Mexico, the West Indies, and Central America, are easy to care for and have very attractive leaves. Moses In the Cradle plants produce rosettes of long, waxy, sword-shaped leaves that are glossy green or green, purple, and white striped on top and a rich purple on the underside. The very small white flowers, tucked away in a purple boat shaped bract, give Moses-in-the-Cradle Houseplants their many common names. Keep an eye out for spider mites that could drain the color from the leaves.

Name(s): Moses-in-a-Boat, Boat Lily, Cradle Lily, Moses-in-the-Bullrushes, and Oyster plant/ Tradescantia Spathacea

Water: Through Spring and Summer the soil should be kept moist but during winter the soil should be allowed to dry out SLIGHTLY between waterings. Always loves a good misting.

Light:  This plant is relatively durable and it can thrive in many different conditions but it is more suited to bright light but not direct sun, as direct sun will burn the plant. It can, however, cope with low light but the plant will become leggy. Loves east or west-facing windows. Exposure to at least 6 hours of sunlight is best.

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Repotting: Once a year, to allow roots to grow. Select a pot that is 1-2" wider than the current one.

Pet Friendly: No, this plant is toxic to pets

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