"Network" / Calathea Musaica

"Network" / Calathea Musaica

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Deets: Network Calathea is a new (and trendy) houseplant that shows off fantastically variegated foliage. Its lance-shaped mid-green leaves bear dark green veins. They form a pattern that almost looks like a digital network. The effect is particularly striking when the leaves are backlit.

This sought-after houseplant is the perfect size for desks and tabletops. That's perfect as the variegation pattern shows off to best effect when the plant is viewed up close. It's an ideal companion for your work desk to give your eyes a rest after looking at a screen too long. 

Network differs from Calathea musaica in that it's more compact and bushier, with smaller leaf stems. It also offers more pronounced variegation that standard Calathea musaica. 

Name(s): "Network" Calathea; Calathea Musaica

Light: While Network calathea will tolerate a low-light spot, it thrives in medium to bright (but indirect) light. Not sure about the amount of light your space has? As a rough rule of thumb, in low light there's just enough illumination to read a book or magazine throughout the day without extra lighting. In medium light, the plant will cast a soft or light shadow and in bright light, the plant will have a strong shadow. 

Water: Water Network calathea as the surface of the potting mix dries to the touch. It is sensitive to drying out. Its beautiful leaves will develop brown, crispy edges if it does not get enough moisture. That said, take care not to overwater. If the potting mix stays wet or saturated for extended periods, the roots will drown and rot. 

Humidity: Like other calathea varieties, Network prefers above-average relative humidity levels. It has thicker leaves than many of its relatives. This helps it hold up better in homes or offices where humidity isn't so high. If you have had difficulty growing other calathea varieties in the past, you might find Network more durable. 

Fertilizer: You can feed Network calathea in spring and summer, if you wish, with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer. While it does not require special fertilizers, be sure the product you use is labeled for use on houseplants. Never exceed the recommended application rates on the product packaging. 

Pruning: No pruning is necessary except to remove any old or damaged leaves. 

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Pet Friendly: Yes

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