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Deets: orchids have a wide variety of colors. Each new growth that develops produces a flower spike once the pseudobulbs are of mature size. When the flower spikes are finished blooming, they can be cut down to where the spike meets the leaves.  Most orchiss can bloom twice a year, producing several flowers from a multi-branched spike. Flowers generally last for about 2 months. 


Light: As hybrids are composed of several different genera, they can tolerate a wide range of light. For best results, as a general rule of thumb low to medium light (1000-2000 footcandles) works best. Most Intergeneric plants will develop black spots on the leaves if they receive too much light. However, Intergenerics generally have black spots on the leaf tips. These plants also grow well under artificial lights.

L.E.D. Grow Lights are a great way to provide artificial light to your orchids.

Water:Water when the mix just approaches dryness. This will mean about every 5-7 days. A way to check the mix for moisture is by sticking a wooden pencil into the mix about 3''-4''. When you pull the pencil out, check the wooden end. If it has turned dark in color, the mix is still wet and you should wait a day or two. Oncidiums prefer clean water without a lot of mineral content. Therefore growing best when you use distilled, reverse osmosis or rainwater. Check out our Kent Marine page for more information on reverse osmosis systems. Do not use softened water.

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Pet Friendly: No. Toxic to pets.

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