'Silver Sword' Philodendron Hastatum / Philodendron

'Silver Sword' Philodendron Hastatum / Philodendron

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Deets: Philodendron hastatum is also known as Silver Sword. It has silvery green leaves that get an arrow shape once the plant grows older. The Philodendron hastatum has sturdy, thick stems that have a lush growth and also grow rapidly. Philodendron hasatum requires a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

Name(s): Silver Sword; Philodendron Hastatum

Light: While the philodendron prefers indirect sunlight, it will do well in almost any lighting condition. Even areas of low light can be fine, though the leaves will spread more and the colors won’t be as vibrant or glossy.

Water: The philodendron likes a moist environment. In summertime, keep the soil moist but not soggy. In the wintertime, allow the top half-inch of soil to dry between waterings. You can spritz the leaves with water and wipe them down with a cloth to remove dust.

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Pet Friendly: No. Toxic to pets.

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