'Florida Beauty' / Dracaena Surculosa

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 DeetsA slow-growing and hardy Dracaena with bamboo-like stems and glossy leaves with yellow spots which age to white as the plant matures.

Gold dust dracena is a slow-growing evergreen typically grown as a house plant in the Asparagaceae (asparagus) family.  It is native to western tropical Africa and is known for its stunning variegated foliage and tropical look. The genus name Dracaena comes from the Greek word for dragon, and the species name surculosa is Latin for shooting

Thin upright branches, which occasionally hang down, produce leaves that are dark green with spots of cream or yellow. New leaves appear as tightly rolled cones.  It may be propagated using a tip or stem cutting of a few leaves or by division. 

Names:  Japanese Bamboo, Dracaena Surculosa, 'Florida Beauty'; Gold Dust Dracena, Spotted Dracaena

 Light: This easy to grow houseplant requires bright but not direct light.  The leaves will brown or drop if the light is too high and they can lose their intense coloring if the light is too low.


Location: Protect the plant from drafts and keep the humidity high humidity with misting or sitting on a pebble tray with water.

Water: Keep the soil moist during the regular growing season but overwatering and standing water will cause root rot. 

Grower: Beginners, all types.

Pet Friendly:  No. Toxic to pets.

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