'String of Nickels' / Dischidia Nummularia

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The string of nickels (Dischidia nummularia) is a vining succulent that is native to the tropical regions of Asia, India, and Australia. It is a type of epiphyte similar to orchidsand air plants such as Tillandsia, meaning that in its native habitat, the string of nickels grows on other plants such as trees and obtains its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, or debris accumulating around it rather than from soil. 

This Dischidia is a relatively uncommon houseplant that can be difficult to find, but if you manage to find one, it will do well in almost any location in your home. Unlike many other types of succulents, the string of nickels does not require a bright, sunny location—it actually prefers low-light conditions.

Name(s): 'String of Nickels' / Dischidia Nummularia

Light: String of nickels grow well in low-light conditions. Indoors, they are a perfect choice for that low-light north- or east-facing window. Ideally, they should still receive some sunlight throughout the day; a small amount of morning or late afternoon sun is perfect. When grown outdoors, a string of nickels should be grown in shady locations that are protected from the hot afternoon sun. They do well in hanging baskets or planters under covered porches or patios.

Water: Keep the potting medium evenly moist but be careful to avoid waterlogging the roots; they should never sit in water for extended periods of time. String of nickels also benefit from regular misting, which helps the plant absorb moisture through the leaves.

Grower: Beginners, all types. 

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